Usages of types of kids furniture

Usages of types of kids furniture

Unlike the old times, kids' furniture is available in multiple designs and styles, with different usages. Creating a comfort zone in your kids' bedroom is crucial because if you want your kid to love his room and be his or her own self, it needs the perfect furniture and the perfect organization of it. Having said that, you must also ensure that the furniture in your kids' room is safe and secure. Following are some common furniture items for your young ones bedroom and their ideal usage.

1. Beds: At Stitchwood, we offer a variety of beds to adorn your little ones room. Bunk beds are suitable for kids aged 5 to 7 years, and offer a fun way to save space. Bunk beds are also a good option when two or more kids are sharing a room. Then there are single beds suitable for children 11-13 years of age. Most single beds with us come with side tables or bed boxes to provide storage space.

2. Cribs and Cradles: Suitable for infants and toddlers, cribs and cradles are simply perfect for your tiny tots. Most cribs come slats that are about 10 to 13 inches long, to avoid your baby falling over. Cribs and cradles are ideal for children aged 1 to 4 years. Apart from the traditional rectangular shaped cradles, here we have beautifully crafted cradles which not only provide comfort but add a soothing touch to your child’s nursery.

3. Study Tables: Every young kid is fascinated looking at his or her mothers and fathers working on a table. To let them have that experience, every child must have their own study table. Besides, a study table is a way of signaling that your child needs to take his or her studies seriously. With study tables like Archie and Bart, study time will barely feel boring. Study tables are suitable kids aged 5 to 12 years. Dimensions of a study table must be selected on the basis of your child’s height and age.

4. Table and Chairs: It’s not just study tables which are a good option to create an activity area in your child’s room. A table and chair set is more a lively and involving way to demarcate the play zone. Suitable for small kids from 4 to 8 years of age, table and chairs are a cool way to let them have more space for their crafty activities. Besides, their little friends can also join the fun. Table and chairs sets like Pluto and Mario are designed keeping in view the versatile nature of activities that kids pursue and are made with smooth edges to ensure utmost comfort and safety.

5. Chest of Drawers: Your kid may love to store all his belongings in one place or simply dump them all on his bed. But, keeping a chest of drawers adds to the organization of the room. If you have two or more kids sharing a room, they can always their designated drawers to store their favorite toys or books or clothes. Finn and Andy are our chest of drawers which offer ample space for your kids to store their knick knacks. These are chest of drawers are not too high and have a smooth slider function for your kids to easily operate with.

6. Cabinets: These offer a better solution to save space and be an ideal storage option for your kids' room instead of big closets and wardrobes. Cabinets with multiple shelves are simple yet functional; you may neatly stack all your kids' clothes, put away their shoes, and other belongings all in one place without having to worry about scrounging them later. With our cabinets Magoo and Dino, you can add a rather fun appeal to your kids' room.