Material Guide for Stones

Stone is one such material, which is ideal for any type of outdoor furniture. So if you’re planning to give your garden a makeover, throw in a couple of stone benches and sculptures to give it a refined look. Further, stone is used for landscaping. Stone benches, chair, tables add a very natural look to the décor. Stone furniture is definitely a hassle free option, providing both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Ease of maintenance and less chances of getting damaged make stone a highly favorable material for creating furniture which you can place in your garden, patio, or even inside your house for kitchen counters and table tops.


The premier building material for several beautiful projects throughout history, marble adds an element of sophistication to your home. Its splendid appearance, ease of maintenance, and unrivaled engineering characteristics make it an acclaimed choice for foyers, vanities, floors, countertops, thresholds, furniture, tub decks, windowsills, fireplaces, showers, and walls. Marble enjoys a natural association with tradition and luxury because of its delicate veining and raw beauty. Marble enhances your living space by bringing an air of elegance into your home. Since marble is quarried worldwide, it’s available in an unparalleled selection of varied patterns and colors. Marble has two prominent variants: naturally occurring and artificial or cultured.

Cultured Marble: It is a mixture of resin and ground marble. It is less expensive alternative to natural marble. Cultured Marble is an easy care product. It's a non-porous surface finished with a gel coat to provide even further protection. The manufacturing process has been scientifically designed to fortify against the absorption of oils and staining. 

Natural Marble: It is mainly calcium carbonate. Marble is limestone or dolomite that has been metamorphosed with heat and pressure. Natural Marble is high maintenance. Though the brilliant colors and spectacular veining give marble a reputation for elegance and quality, it is a porous stone that requires constant care and maintenance.


One of the most acclaimed natural stones, Granite is quarried in dozens of nations worldwide. It’s available in a striking assortment of colors. Granite’s longevity and durability make it perfect for high traffic spots in your home. It’s ideal for kitchen countertop, table top, and floor too. While most synthetic surfaces are not heat-proof and scratch-proof, granite resists heat and every day wear and tear appreciably. This natural stone’s surface is impenetrable and not affected by alcohol, tea, citric acid, wine, or coffee. Granite offers you permanence, freedom from deterioration, and a vast selection of enduring colors and textures. You can mix and match diverse finishes of granite in your home to create a unique appearance by adding texture and depth.


Labeled the “princess” of the stone universe, Onyx is renowned for its translucency as well as gem-like attributes. It’s a sedimentary stone formed in caves due to mineral deposits. Onyx makes the finest focal point of attention in any room, and you can use it as the exclamation point anywhere in your home. Backlighting magnifies its breath-taking splendor. Onyx is available in colors ranging from stunning blues to honey colored neutrals, white to greens, and red to gold. Onyx is the most fragile natural stone. It’s vulnerable to chemical as well as abrasive deterioration. Therefore, you can use Onyx for vertical applications in your home. Onyx is available in tiles and slabs.