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Ankit Gupta Associate Principal, McKinsey & Company
Ankit Gupta
    Loved the leather sofas made by Stitchwood. It is just like how we wanted it. We just sent Stitchwood the images of sofa designs, and a video of my living room. They helped me visualise how the sofa would look in my living room. Finally the sofa has come out perfectly as we wanted.
Ritu Kundu
 Ritu Kundu
    Thank you very much! Extremely happy with the sofa! It is looking very good. Fitted quite well in the room and overall look has completely changed! It came out as I wished!!!
Narendra PrajapatiProfessional
Narendra Prajapati
    Thanks to Stitchwood for the sofas and chairs in our office reception and lounge areas. Happy with the service and the finish of the products.
Ayushi Jain Design Professional
Ayushi Jain
    My boss at my office requested me to get our reception area furnished with good quality furniture. I was pleasantly surprised that I could get sofa sets,coffee tables, chairs and ottomans customised through Stitchwood. All I did was download designs from the internet and call Stitchwood to office. They came to our office with a big bunch of fabric options, measured the dimensions to the finest detail, and delivered the furniture before the committed date.
Sharat SingheePrivate Equity Professional
Sharat Singhee
    We were delighted to get our sectional sofa customised to our requirements. Thanks for providing the personalised service, and helping me visualise the sofa in my livingroom even before I placed the order. Maneuvering my building stairway was tricky, so it was helpful to have the dimensions and configuration modified to facilitate that. Will definitely recommend Stitchwood to discerning customers like me.
Sangeetha Venkatesh
Sangeetha Venkatesh
    Sofa looks fabulous, just what I was looking for!! Stitchwood has lovely customised furniture designs. Looking forward to buying more furniture from Stitchwood. We love Stitchwood. Great customer service!
Suman Gupta
Suman Gupta
    Excellent job done from order placement to delivery. Customer Service team has been exceptionally professional.

Sofa Sets

Sofa sets are an essential part of every home. They are the heart of your living room. A perfect sofa set design will not just fulfil your comfort needs but will also help you set the mood and add charm to your living space.

A sofa set is where you spend quality time with your family, binge watch movies or TV shows, relax and release your stress after a long day, catch up on a book that you were planning to finish over the weekend and indulge in long memorable conversations with your loved ones.

A couch is indeed the most beloved and indispensable furniture of your home.

Finding a Perfect Sofa Set Online

If you plan to transform the look of your home, invest in a sofa set. It is the easiest way to completely change the look of your home.

The kind of couch you buy, talks a lot about your style and personality. That’s why many people put in a lot of thought while purchasing a couch for their home.

Finding a perfect piece of couch can be a tiring task. Details such as the design, configuration, colour of the upholstery, wood finish, price and overall quality of the couch have to be taken into consideration while shopping.

Many of you might also feel apprehensive to scout through all the local stores to find a perfect sofa set. Why worry about that, when you can sit home and comfortably shop for a beautiful sofa set online. You can also buy a custom made sofa without spending a fortune. All you need to do is email or whatsapp Stitchwood your dream sofa set designs or modify the catalogue designs available on their website as per your requirement.

Experimenting with the Sofa Set Design

Stitchwood understands that every person has a different sense of style and a specific furniture requirement. Hence, Stitchwood gives everyone an opportunity to create beautiful furniture for their home without compromising on comfort, style and quality. You get a chance to order or create your dream furniture online by simply modifying the dimensions, choosing the colour upholstery and wood finish, within just a few clicks.

Sofas come in different shapes and forms. People can browse through the variety of fully upholstered sofas, wooden sofas, sectional sofas and leather sofas. With these designs you can create stunning looks such as modern, classic, contemporary, edgy, vintage and so on for your home.

For a more classy appeal, people can go for the classic chesterfield sofa. For a sleeker look, people can go for the slimline collection or choose from the collection of contemporary sofas that have clean lines and neat tufting. If a traditional look is what you prefer then wooden sofas are a good option.

From the classic chesterfield sofas to the modern mid-century sofa sets, all these designs are up for grabs. So pick the one that suits your style and space the best, the rest will automatically fall in place.

Utility Matters

People should mainly shortlist a sofa design based on their usage. If you are seeking for extreme comfort then a plush sofa can be an ideal choice. A plush sofa with its thick arms, cushions and backrest will definitely help you ease your muscles and relax while watching your favourite TV show.

If you have a space constrain in your home, you can choose to go for a corner sofa. A corner sofa is also called as a sectional sofa. Based on your seating space, you can get the sectional sofa made in these popular designs: L- shape sofa design or U-shape sofa design. These sectional sofas or corner sofas are mainly used to utilise the space without making it too crowded. This also means that you would just have to invest in one piece rather than multiple pieces. One piece of sectional sofa is good to take care of your seating needs.

If you have a bigger place, you can choose a variety of combinations of sofas. The popular ones are pairing a 3-seater sofa with two 2-seater sofas, or getting two 3-seater sofas and pairing them with ottomans and accent chairs.

Whatever may be your requirement, you can get any of the sofa designs customised in your desired configuration.

You also get an option to mix and match with any of the sofa designs to create a perfect sofa set arrangement for your home. So sit back, relax and let your imagination run wild. Stitchwood will take care of the quality and all the technical stuff for you.

Choosing the Right Finish for your Sofa

Every sofa design on Stitchwood’s website comes with multiple upholstery options. People can decide to go for a fabric sofa, leather sofa or leatherette sofa.

Within the fabric option, people can also choose the finish and texture of the fabric. Options such as coarse, soft, suede, velvety and so on are available.

Stitchwood uses genuine Italian leather to manufacture its leather sofas. People can also choose the texture and finish of leather as per their requirement.

If leather seems to be an expensive option, Stitchwood also manufactures top grade leatherette sofa sets. With these leatherette sofas, people can attain a look of a luxurious leather sofa under a budget.

All these upholstery options are available in a large assortment of colours. People can create a bold look with dark and striking colours while a classy look can be created with subtle and light colours. Floral prints and abstract patterns of upholstery are also available to choose from.

Once people have finalised the upholstery, they can also choose the wood finish of their couch. Wood finish options such as Dark Honey, Light Honey, Mahogany, Teak and Walnut are available online.

While shopping for a sofa sets on Stitchwood’s website, people can easily shortlist the design of the sofa and choose the colour of the upholstery and wood finish within minutes. They can also view the changes on a real time basis. By doing this it becomes easy for people to shortlist, save and share their favourite design combinations with their friends and family. This makes it easy for people to decide and pick the most appealing sofa design that falls in their budget.

Stitchwood – Quality Product and Hassle Free Service

Stitchwood has a wide range of beautiful sofa set collection which can be customised as per every customer’s needs. All the products manufactured by Stitchwood are of excellent quality. Stitchwood only uses hardwood and top quality plywood to manufacture their furniture.

Hardwood such as Teak wood, Sheesham wood and Sal wood are used to manufacture the sofa sets. Stitchwood sources its Sheesham wood from Punjab and Teak wood from Madhya Pradesh. Before using Sheesham wood, Sal wood and Teak wood, it is kiln dried and treated to ensure that it does not bend, crack or become prone to termite attacks.

Stitchwood also uses premium Sarom upholstery to manufacture the sofa sets.

All Stitchwood sofa sets come with 3 years warranty on the frame and 1 year warranty on upholstery. With that Stitchwood also provides, free home delivery and installation to these regions: Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai.


Now people can buy their favourite sofa set online by using Stitchwood’s flexible payment and EMIs options.