Who we are?

Stitchwood is an online customised furniture store that empowers you to design and create furniture that fits your requirement. Stitchwood not only offers an easy-to-use online customisation interface but it also allows you to visualize your creation to the finest detail. What's more, we bring to you beautiful, unique and personalized furniture at affordable prices in an easy and hassle-free way. Stitchwood was founded by Ajit Shegaonkar and Vikas Nair.

Ajit Shegaonkar graduated from IIT Bombay (Mechanical Engineering, BTech) in 2004, and completed his Masters degree at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, following which he returned to India and worked as an investment banker for 6 years before founding Stitchwood.

Vikas Nair graduated from IIT Bombay (Mechanical Engineering, BTech+MTech) in 2005, and completed his post-graduation in management from IIM Ahmedabad, following which he worked in supply chain and strategy consulting for 4 years and with a private equity fund for 4 years.

Why Stitchwood?

"The biggest pain point today in getting custom made furniture is the lack of organized brands in that space. The segment is catered only by a huge number of unorganised SMEs and individuals. The space is riddled with lack of pricing transparency, quality problems, non-adherence to delivery commitments, lack of installation support, lack of after-sales support and warranties, and even safety/security issues. Stitchwood aims at solving all these while providing customisation at its core" - Ajit Shegaonkar

"We are not an online alternative to offline furniture brands with large showrooms. There are good online brands serving them already. We are an online alternative to the local carpenter" - Vikas Nair

At Stitchwood, we constantly strive to make the furniture-buying process for our consumers, as easy and transparent as possible.